Innova E&S supports the Member States of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in their challenge to produce and collect basic data for the needs of synoptic, aeronautical and forecasting services and the protection of flights.

Innova E&S offers products for the collection and exchange of meteorological data.

The Innova E&S portfolio currently includes the following applications:

  • sWMO for the exchange and collection of meteorological data,

  • Meteorological messaging switching system ms-GTS.

In collaboration with its European partners, Innova E&S offers the following solutions:

  • Immediate Forecasting System, SADIS,

  • Satellite message processing system, MSG,

  • Aeronautical Weather Observation Stations, AWOS,

  • Synoptic meteorological stations,

  • Climatologic database systems,

  • Radio-sounding stations,

  • Altitude wind measurement Stations,

  • Windshear systems,

  • Hydrogen generator,

  • ...

Innova E&S businesses

  • Software Design and Development
  • Building Engineering
  • Airport Planning
  • Consulting & Studies
  • Installation of Technical Systems
  • Maintenance and Support Missions
  • Supervision of Works
  • Assistance Service for Projects’ Implementation