Innova Ensys helps you

Installation and Commissioning of Technical Systems

In the framework of its missions with partners, Innova E&S offers services related to installation of equipment and complex systems for all the its areas of activity thanks to its qualified engineers and technicians:

  • VSAT Network, optical fiber as well as radio wave link,

  • VHF, HF and UHF radio equipement,

  • AFTN/AMHS, GTS and WIS/GISC message switching systems,

  • NavAid equipment ILS, CVOR/DVOR, DME as well as GLS (GBAS) systems,

  • Surveillance equipment for civil and military aviation – PSR, SSR, Ground-Based ADS-B, Multilateration systems A-SMGCS,

  • Meteorological equipment, Aeronatical weather Observation system (AWOS), synoptic, climatologic and radio-sounding stations, Windshear systems, Hydrogen generator, ...

Service offers

  • Aeronautic
  • Meteorology
  • Defense and Security
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Administration

Solutions in particular for aeronautic's communication.